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The BREATHE Boxer for men is a supremely comfortable item of underwear designed for performance cycling. The use of breathable, elastic fabric helps regulate body temperature however hard you cycle whilst also quickly evaporating away sweat. For day-long protection and comfort in the saddle Intimo padding has been incorporated seamlessly into the construction. This provides more than adequate padding where required but in a super-discreet, bulk-free way. You’re the only one that needs to know you’re padded! The snug body fit and thick branded elastic waistband together with panelled construction and flat seams keep the BREATHE Boxer stylishly in place. Available in black with grey waistband.



  • Lightweight, super-breathable boxers with integrated bike padding.
  • Intimo padding
  • Comfort without bulk
  • Breathable, elastic fabric
  • No overheating, high comfort

Material description

Light Comfort Stretch Jersey


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